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Grand prize time!

Thank you for submitting your entry. That means you’ve already won the free resources to help you find a new self care and business refresh!

Now you can submit your video for the grand prize!!

**Please upload your video below OR paste a link to your video answering these questions:

1. Who are your people and how are you helping them?

2. Why did you start your business?
3. What do you love about being a mom?
4. Why do you want to win the grand prize?
5. If you could tell mothers everywhere one thing what would it be?


Some fun bonuses to add to your entry video-

  1. Involve your kids in the video
  2. Wear something green
  3. Sing a portion of your entry
  4. Add your favorite quote
  5. Name someone who you want to enter with you


You can use your phone,¬†, Quicktime, a professional video camera, whatever you would like. This video does not need to be edited or professionally made. We are using the videos to see who would benefit most from our services and who we would best be able to support. You’ve already entered to win the carefully curated collection of free resources that will help you get started with a business and self care refresh.

There will be ONE winner selected for the 1 on 1 grand prize.

For a little extra fun you can also add the bonuses from the “Feeling Competitive” List on this page. They do not increase your chances of winning but we will do a shoutout to everyone who completed the whole list.

See a sample video entry here.

Add Your Entry Below 


Here is a sample video by the contest host, Laura Matteson. Wet hair, bad lighting and still ready to get started anew in her biz.

(This is a sample)

Try to keep your video under 15 minutes, we will be watching A LOT of them and want to make sure we can get to everyone’s entry. Thanks!